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What’s Available At Charlestown Hypnotherapy Newcastle ?

Have you had enough of Chronic Pain?

Are you stressed? Suffering from anxiety?

I remember thinking Chronic Pain was something you are stuck with. I also suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety. Trying so many things, working so hard and getting nowhere. 

It is so frustrating taking a small step forward and then just slipping back to old patterns and habits. 

You really do not have to put up with it permanently, walk away from Chronic Pain, walk away from stress and anxiety. Take the power back into your own hands. 

You can do this, I will support and guide you. Love yourself enough to give it a try.

It is easier than you think, just take that one step forward, don't wait another year. 

Call Now. 

Of course I can also assist with Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking Alcohol, Fears, Phobias, Stress, Panic Attacks and much more. Just call and ask. Thanks Craig. 

Hypnotherapy Services

We can eliminate physical pain as well as emotional pain. Imagine a life pain free. This is not pain relief, this is pain elimination. This has worked all over the world and can work for you. 



Amazing experience, I went to Drain That Pain Newcastle. I was Diagnosed with Spondyloarthritis about 3 years ago. Had a session last night and woke this morning PAIN FREE. Absolutely blown away. I also had crackly ears and decreased hearing, all of which has resolved overnight.

Craig is the only Drain That Pain practitioner in this region. If you have chronic pain and want it eliminated, give him a call.

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Stop Smoking Quit Smoking 

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