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Many ex-smokers say quitting smoking was the hardest thing they have ever done. At Charlestown Hypnotherapy we assist you to Quit Smoking for good.


Quit for life at Charlestown Hypnotherapy

There are many different methods to Stop Smoking, however not all of these address the three main components that can make quitting so difficult. These three are Physical, Mental and Social.

If you don’t address these issues, then failure to Quit Smoking, or the chances of relapse are significantly higher. Of course, the same goes for Quitting Alcohol or reducing Alcohol Intake.

Here you are in safe hands, I have helped hundreds of clients quit for good. 


Here is a link to calculate the cost of smoking,

it is worth looking at.

    Hypnotherapy for successful stop smoking


        We all Know Smoking Harms- Call To Stop Smoking Now


Stop Smoking Newcastle Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking Newcastle Hypnotherapy

When You Stop Smoking- using Hypnotherapy the following Happens



Fact 1

Twelve hours after stopping, almost all nicotine is out of your system. In about 5 days, most nicotine by-products have gone.

Fact 2

Quitting smoking at any age will result in major and immediate health benefits. This applies to people with and without diseases caused by smoking.

Fact 3

Within a day of quitting, the level of carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped dramatically. Your body can take up and use oxygen more easily.

Fact 4

Quitting reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack. This is especially important for women who smoke and take the contraceptive pill: their risk of death from heart attack increases dramatically with age.

Fact 5

After quitting, your sense of taste and smell begin to improve. Your breath, hair and clothes will smell fresher.

Fact 6

After 4 weeks without smoking, exercising will be easier because more air is getting into your lungs.

Stop Smoking Newcastle using hypnotherapy 

It is difficult to Stop Smoking or Quit Alcohol alone, therefore don’t. Help is a phone call away, call Charlestown Hypnotherapy now 0425 268 043


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